Hey Loves. You made it. All the way to this point- and just think about all the different things that had to take place in each of your lives in order to find your way here, together. It’s pretty wild when you think of all the ways life could have been different. For that, I have to just congratulate you and remind you of how special it is. It’s pretty rare what you have- and now somehow, someway, you’ve found yourself reviewing my portfolio and are considering me as your photographer. Perhaps it’s all meant to be!

I’m Lawrence Braun and this is Meadowlark Stills, a studio I started that grew out of my undying curiosity about the mystery of connectedness. The name came to me indirectly after reading Tom Robbin’s novel, ‘Still Life With Woodpecker.’ The Meadowlark part comes from my love of birds and particularly, the hopelessly romantic song of the Eastern Meadowlark.

With this studio, my primary aim is to accomodate intimate outdoor weddings, elopements and portrait sessions but I’m certainly open many types of photography inquiries.

(I often shoot editorial and do storytelling for brands to reinforce their sustainability missions. I also have a handful of photo journals that I’m working on and much of that work can be found on my main website, lawrencebraun.com)

You can find a place of stillness, where your wild loving hearts are open to this great mystery that we call life. And in those moments, are where your love rests. It’s taking all the joys and sorrows you’ll endure together, and come what may, having the courage to be present for them with grace and spirit, knowing that you can renew that love at any moment. When we work together, that is the story of you that I’m looking to see and to document. My job is most certainly to compose and make beautiful images, but it’s only possible when I get to know your story and understand who you are. For this reason, I take a limited amount of commissions each year so that we have the time and space to get to know one another. I want to meet up, hang out, a become acquainted with the people you are outside of your wedding or engagement.

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