Before we get into pricing, let’s just be sure we’re a good fit! My approach to photography is all about connectedness and it’s the basis of #StillLifeWildHeart, the little hashtag that I use for this business. I want to connect to what is most unique to your love, and all together, we find a way to express that and represent it visually. The little expressions, the laughs, the way you look at one another and the way you embrace. The things that make you, you.

I’ll never make you work too hard, but there is a level of collaboration needed by all of us in order to make it all work. I like to think we’re meeting somewhere in the middle I share an idea, but ultimately, you’re creating the moment. It’s really effective to plan our outing and to have some goals in mind, but it’s equally as effective to completely let go if things don’t go as expected. If it rains, we embrace it, if the wind blows your hair in your face, we keep shooting! I’m more likely to want to stay in the moment, rather than to come out of it because we got attached to a certain look. Instead we just go with what we’ve got.

I love to document very quiet and intimate moments as much as the fun and romantic ones. and I’m sucker for the very timeless still frame portraits using the largest format film I have in my bag, for that classic keepsake. I love lazy Sunday morning shoots indoors with pour over coffee. I love meeting you at your Airbnb getaway, a secret swimming hole, the top of a firepower or lost in a tall grass meadow somewhere. We can do all of this! So if any of this is sounding good, then let’s be in touch!